Square EP

by Under Konstruktion



A quote by Magda from 2007: "I think my sound changes all the time. Back then I was more just bleeps, and now I'm more just bass." Ok, Magda, but we are in 2012 now and we are happy to present our second release, in which will be found bleeps + bass + more bass and nasty rhythms, all over the place. All this, arranged and combined into a great piece of music by Under Konstruktion. Originally from Sevilla, Felix Caceres is currently living and working in London. He is also a dj and resident at the "Antagony" event there, from 2009.

Square EP is the idea of techno blend with filth and industrial-ish sound combined together and always keeping the essence of techno on it. The tension in these four tracks is really big. And you know what? When the tension stops for a moment and you think you can take a break or breath for a while — damn! Another tension comes in. Isn't that lovely? From the beginning "Square" suggests the infamous blend we try to keep on our labell. "Rectangle" stands a little bit away from the "normal" techno feeling, but it goes on a really high level with that large noises and pitched vocals coming from everywhere. "Piece" is a bit of new and a bit of old-school techno, but you will explode even on the break. The key stage of the metamorphosis and the end of this story is "Quarantine", where you can take a little break until the guys are talking, but then the bass, probably, will explode in your room. Your windows and doors will go up and down, watch out! Wear helmets, eartquacke appears.


released January 6, 2012

Felix Caceres, Luben Iliev, Am Fye



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Under Konstruktion UK

Under Konstruktion aka Felix.

Under Konstruktion started as mixture of Electronica, Techno and Industrial with idea of blurring those lines and never have a clear definition. The idea of Under Konstruktion is to be an evolving sound, never dictated by trends or genres.

Under Konstruktion has played in Antagony London, Rosa Decidua London, B L A N C London, Drone Berlin, Behind Bars London.
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